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Matthew Patton

Cut Fine Jewelers
Baton Rouge, IL

Four generations of jeweler genes made Matthew Patton love gemstones, but his own eye for innovative design drove him to Cut — an interactive showroom, where jewelers and clients together develop personal contemporary cut diamond creations that promise more than a lifetime. Rich in luxury and mobile technology, Cut offers that connectivity and comfort Matthew knows fosters the quality relationships that create great jewelry.

With his guidance, watch vision becomes an even more exquisite reality, as Matthew lends his expertise gained in shops around the globe to create the precious pieces of your imagination. Whether French inspired, ultramodern, or something borrowed from the Ming Dynasty of China’s fifteenth century, Matthew’s grasp of artisan history makes any platinum, gold, or other material dream a possibility. 

And when you need the perfect accessory for tonight, let Matthew be your tour guide. Explore the interactive showroom that features "CUT Sketch" jewelry design software, as well as collections from Hearts on Fire, Elizabeth Showers, Hera, and so many more.

Long ago, at his great-grandfather’s store, Matthew discovered the significance of fine jewelry in relationships, love, and life. Through his own interactive showroom work, he offers the opportunity for our most important gifts (even to ourselves!)  to capture the intimate moments around which we craft all our hopes.