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Jim Ackerman

Ascend Marketing
Jim helps jewelers across the nation and around the world get more bodies through the door so they can put more dollars in the till. Sound good?

It's the single most important thing an independent retailer must do, and Jim is one of the few people in the industry who helps you do it.

In this year's sessions, Jim will share some unconventional, inexpensive, pay-for-results-only marketing strategies that most jewelers don't know about, let alone understand how to execute. You also will discover ways to improve the RESULTS you get from your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts — from business cards to billboards, and from a social media post to a full-blown e-commerce website. You can't afford to miss these two back-to-back sessions.

And remember, Jim and his colleague Paul will share some insights that will STUN you. Join them at their seminars and at the Direct Mail Smart Station on the show floor. (If DM isn't a bigger part of your marketing mix, you're leaving thousands on the table.)

Jim is a nationally known marketing and advertising speaker, sales trainer, copywriter, columnist, and author who delivers specific, profit-proven principles, strategies, and techniques to help jewelers instantly increase revenues and profits. He will show you how to bring in more customers, increase the average sale, and get existing customers to buy more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Jim specializes in direct response and alternative marketing systems that take jewelry retailers with drooping sales and literally turn the results on a dime — sometimes in only 24 hours! He has worked with hundreds of jewelers over the years, has money-back GUARANTEED results… and delivers.