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Emmanuel Raheb

Smart Age Solutions
Founder & CEO
New York, NY

Smart Age is a leading full-service digital marketing agency. We can grow an online audience into loyal customers by increasing your visibility online through a number of ways. We understand how social media works and know how to fully harness its potential. From SEO packaging to pay-per-click advertising, we are at the cutting edge of online marketing, and we possess the know-how to help your brand flourish, both on and offline.

"Being a Google Elite Partner means that our agency has access to information that many others don’t,” states Emmanuel. “This allows us to work with clients, from single store operators to national chains on their marketing strategies, helping them turn around their web presence to get the most out of their marketing dollar.”

We strive for excellence by treating each client uniquely and catering to their individual needs. What sets us apart from other marketing companies is our ability to listen — listening is the biggest requirement to proper communication — and we have based our customer approach on this. Here at Smart Age, we follow the Golden Rule and treat customers how we expect to be treated. We believe that when you create a service you would buy from yourself, you truly have a winner.

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Saturday, April 16