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Damian Capello

Red Rocket Media LLC
Founder and Master Programmer
Damian Capello, founder and master programmer at Red Rocket Media LLC, is an accomplished social media advertising expert and one of the largest independent purchasers of Facebook Advertising. His revolutionary three-step process, “The Basics,” teaches businesses how to properly use paid advertising to achieve social media marketing goals. 

Damian founded Red Rocket with the idea that advertising could be streamlined using basic principles. Armed with that information, he turned social media ad purchases into package deals where price and delivery is guaranteed. This gives all businesses the ability to afford quality social media advertising. The x factor is the clients themselves. 

Damian successfully leveraged content and targeting as a viable marketing tool before paid advertising on Facebook and Twitter even existed. Working with Facebook directly for over four years, he has achieved a solid knowledge base in targeting, content, and promotion. Currently, Red Rocket services clients in many industries across multiple countries. The strategy has proven successful with many campaigns in the top 3% of Twitter advertising and Facebook ads running well over the national average. 

Since 2012, he has been speaking publicly to educate small and medium-sized businesses on how to successfully master social media marketing. “The Basics” is geared specifically toward helping the beginner and novice business in social media and Facebook. The more knowledge people have on social media advertising, the better it will make the industry.