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The Smithee Group
New York, NY

Ben Smithee and his team at The Smithee Group are the leading voices in digital marketing and advertising for the jewelry industry. They are fluent in helping retailers and brands drive consumer awareness and measurable increases in both traffic and sales.
In 2009, Ben created one of the earliest and most respected Millennial-focused marketing research and brand strategy firms. In 2014, Ben launched The Smithee Group which focuses on helping small businesses succeed in the age of digital everything. TSG’s experience includes some of the most well-known brands around the world, both in and out of the jewelry industry, including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, EA Games, Disney, General Mills, Signet, Rio Tinto, and many more.
Ben currently sits on the International Board of Directors for the Women’s Jewelry Association, Gem Legacy, and Holt International’s Adoptee Advisory Council, and serves as President of the Board for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC.
Benjamin Smithee
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From being nominated as one of the Top 10 Youth Marketers to the AMA's Marketer of The Year, or TV co-host of "The Weekend Insider," Ben Smithee is known for making an impact. He started his first consultancy, SPYCH, in 2009 and grew it to become one of the most respected and innovative Marketing Insights and Strategic Consulting firms in the industry. His expertise in digital marketing and the Millennial consumer propelled Ben to consult with some of the world's biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola, Del Monte, General Mills, Sterling Jewelers, ACS, GEICO, McDonald's, Kroger, Ebay, and more. Ben has been a featured keynote speaker and sought-after consultant, spanning six continents and nearly twenty countries. He is interviewed regularly by leading publications and other media.