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Alex Fetanat

Chief Executive Officer
Newport Beach, California

Alex Fetanat is president and CEO of the GemFind Network, the jewelry industry’s premier online marketing company, providing online business solutions and marketing tools. During his world travels in the late 90s, Alex took a liking to the jewelry industry and immediately recognized a need for a company that could provide the industry with an online presence coupled with more advanced marketing tools. Thus, GemFind was born.  

Since 1999, the GemFind Network has become the leading destination for the jewelry industry. GemFind is the jewelry industry’s one-stop shopping destination for B2B online solutions, handling website design, development and execution, online advertising and marketing, managing data for hundreds of designers, manufacturers and diamond suppliers, and online tools like virtual Diamond and Jewelry links, Ring Builder, Stud and Pendant Builder (www.ringbuilder.com), and watch builder (www.watchbuilder.com). 

Prior to GemFind, Alex founded ACS, Inc., a software development company responsible for creating the first inventory control system for pre-owned auto dealerships. Alex successfully led ACS for six years until it was sold. That same year, Alex started a website hosting and development company, which he sold two years later. Alex received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from California State University, Fullerton. He was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2009 by Orange County.