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Joe Gurzik

Collected Concepts
Venturesome Videographer

After years of being a player on Zeus’ foosball table, Joe decided he would break free of restricted lateral movement and move forward for a change. Zeus understood his decision, but would not allow him to reside on Mount Olympus. Riding bareback upon a unicorn, he headed to Earth in search of his true calling. He had many adventures, but no one would believe his epic tales. He needed proof, and that's when his path became clear. What the world needed was someone to capture all these incredible moments in a manner that could be shared for eons to come. A videographer was born.

Joe studied film and video at Grand Valley State University to acquire the skills needed to record the special moments in life. From concerts to weddings, birthdays to birthplaces, and people to products, everything has a story. With a video camera and a keen eye, he can tell anyone’s story just the way it was (or better, if they so choose). Let Joe tell yours, and everyone will want to know more.