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Brandy Agerbeck

Owner - Graphic Recorder/Facilitator
Greater Chicago Area

Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck believes that drawing is a powerful thinking tool. She supports clients by mapping out their complex conversations onto giant sheets of paper. Working as a visual, silent partner to facilitators, she collaborates to make meetings more productive with the best visual, spatial, and kinesthetic tools.

As an author, teacher, and speaker, Brandy speaks to the power of drawing. From her 18 years of graphic facilitation experience, she published The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide: How to use your listening, thinking, and drawing skills to make meaning. She currently is completing her second book, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking in your own hands, based on her 2013 TEDx talk, “Shape Your Thinking.” Learn more at Loosetooth.com