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Terry Chandler

Diamond Council of America
President & CEO
Nashville, TN
His 22 year retail jewelry career began in Paducah, Kentucky as a trainee for what was then a small family-owned chain of four jewelry stores, Michelson Jewelers, Inc. During his almost 21 year career, he was a store manager, supervisor, Senior Vice President, and partner, in the chain which grew to twelve stores.

Terry has been involved in every aspect of the retail jewelry industry including training, operations, development, management, and, now, distance education and association management.

He accepted the full-time role of President/CEO of the Diamond Council in February of 2001 and oversees the organizations day to day operations at their Nashville, Tennessee offices. Upon assuming the position, Chandler worked with Performance Concepts and other industry resources to completely update both DCA’s Diamond and Colored Gemstone courses. Chandler also led a two-year project to gain re-accreditation from the prestigious Distance Education and Training Council in Washington, D.C. which was granted by DETC in January of 2005. 

During his tenure, the Diamond Council has grown from seventy members representing approximately twelve hundred stores to one of the industry’s leading education and training resources with over two hundred members representing over four thousand retail jewelry stores in the United States and Canada.

Before becoming DCA President, he served on the DCA board for twelve years. He is also a member of the DeBeers USA Carat Club and serves as a director on the Boards of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Jewelers Charity Fund, and the Advisory Board of the Atlanta Jewelry Show. He is also a member of the 24 Karat Club Southeastern United States and serves on the Board and Executive Committee of that organization.

Terry is a 1994 inductee into Alpha Beta Kappa, the National Honor Society of the Diamond Council of America. 

Quote: “Essentially, the sale of jewelry at the retail level depends on the sales associate who now, more than ever, must meet the challenge of being an educated and informed professional able to communicate accurately and effectively about the products he or she sells. DCA and I are committed to doing all we possibly can to help them accomplish their goals.”